The school committee unanimously voted to renew the catering contract for lunches with the town of North Kingstown, The Jamestown Press reported May 27, 1999.

According to Sirje Carl, who was elected chairwoman at the meeting, middle school students will pay a quarter more, up from $1.75 to $2, for lunch. The prices at the elementary school will remain the same, $1.50, and adults purchasing lunch also will increase a quarter to $3. Carl said the “kids really enjoy the food.” 100 years ago — May 27, 1922

(Newport Mercury)

There is no longer any doubt that Narragansett Bay will have a sizable naval representation this summer. Word has been received from Adm. Hilary Jones that the battleship fleet will arrive in August, and Adm. James Robertson said the destroyer fleet will sail into Newport in June.

Many of the ships will be fitted for a foreign cruise, and the battleship fleet will be accompanied by submarines and aircraft. How many destroyers will arrive is still uncertain, but there will be at least 20.

75 years ago — May 30, 1947

(The Newport Mercury and Weekly News)

Jamestown’s dog officer spoke to the town council about the number of people owning dogs who have failed to have them registered. John Ragland said there were at least 100 dogs that were not registered in 1946, and only $11.68 remained out of the licensing fees paid after damages to property from dogs were settled. This year, at least 30 dogs that were registered last year have not been licensed so far.

50 years ago — May 26, 1972

(The Newport Mercury and Weekly News)

Burglars broke into the Jamestown Country Club on East Shore Road and stole $1,515 in equipment, according to owner Francis Costa, who estimated the loss following an inventory.

Patrolman Thomas Tighe discovered a broken pane in a glass door as the means of entry. The break-in was between 11 p.m. and 3 a.m.

25 years ago — May 29, 1997

(The Jamestown Press)

Four Massachusetts residents and a seizure-detecting canine were rescued after their 18-foot powerboat capsized in Narragansett Bay.

The boat flipped over about 2 miles north of the Jamestown Bridge, apparently due to overcapacity weight and choppy waters, said harbormaster Sam Paterson. A nearby sailboat witnessed the accident and called for assistance.

A Seatow boat from Quonset arrived first on scene before a Coast Guard cutter and the harbormaster boat arrived. The boat’s occupants were in 55-degree water for about 20 minutes before Paterson could retrieve them. The boaters were warmed with blankets and immediately brought ashore, where they were assisted by Jamestown emergency medical technicians.

The two female boaters and one man were taken to Newport Hospital. The fourth person refused to go to the hospital.

10 years ago — May 31, 2012

(The Jamestown Press)

Richard Leco officially has been named executive director of the housing authority after serving in the interim role since October.

“It’s a wonderful place,” he said. “The people are great. Although I’m listed at three days a week here, I’m going to put in whatever hours it takes to make sure that the job is done. It’s becoming a second home for me.”

There were 10 applicants, and the firm that was hired to choose a replacement, Dauwer Associates, picked two candidates for the authority’s commissioned board to consider. In the end, Leco was the only applicant interviewed.

The former director, Ron DuPont, resigned in September amid some controversy. He cited interference from one of the commissioners as being the reason for his departure. Du-Pont did not divulge the name of the commissioner.