Learn how revaluations were calculated at meeting April 26

Representatives from the Northeast Revaluation Group will explain how they arrived at the full reassessments for property owners during a public information session at 6 p.m., Tuesday, April 26, at Town Hall.

Both the story and advertisement in the April 21 issue of The Jamestown Press had inaccuracies about the meeting date.

Homeowners can expect to receive notices of their new land values starting next week. The state mandates properties are assessed on a triennial basis, but every nine years, the triennial assessment must be a full revaluation. This is a more comprehensive study because it includes inspectors entering homes to collect data. The three-year assessments do not warrant anyone entering the home unless it was sold in the previous three years.

If property owners want to contest their revaluation, they can schedule an informal appeal with the tax assessor. If they are still dissatisfied with the decision, the local tax board will hear the case. The final protest is to file a petition in Superior Court.