Marathon to be raced Saturday

A half-marathon will start at 7 a.m. Sept. 30 from Fort Getty and take the field of runners through a 13-mile course that includes views of Watson Farm, the Jamestown Windmill, the Great Creek and the Newport Pell Bridge.

The annual event departs Fort Getty and heads across the isthmus between Mackerel and Sheffield coves before turning south on Highland Drive. The course then heads east on Blueberry Lane en route to America Way via Walcott Avenue, Conanicus Avenue and East Shore Road.

After the field crosses the East Passage Estates, it heads south on North Road and returns to Fort Getty via Lawn Avenue, Maple Avenue, Spring Street and Southwest Avenue.

Susan Rancourt, co-founder of Rhode Races, which is sponsoring the event, said the company’s aim is to highlight, and protect, the cities and towns where the races are held.

“Rhode Races aims to be responsible stewards of the communities we hold events in,” she said. “Alongside community and charitable partnerships, sustainability has been a key focus of ours from the beginning.”