Mello was not best choice to lead town

To the editor:

Let me see if I have this right.

Our town council appointed Police Chief Edward Mello as the town administrator even though he has no experience as a town administrator.

This is while another applicant for the job was Mark Stankiewicz, who was the Charlestown town administrator for 10 years.

Is the town council doing what is best for Jamestown or what is best for Mello?

Won’t Mello have a complete conflict of interest with anything involving the police department, which has the second biggest budget in the town at about $2 million?

Mello says he is resigning from the police department. Isn’t it time for Mello to ride off into the sunset? This obviously is a back room deal, agreed to behind closed doors.

I see no way at all this can be justified. Remember this in the next town council election — vote all these people out. They do not have the town’s best interests in mind.

James Thompson
North Main Road