Seven appointed to charter review board

Mary Meagher, Sav Rebecchi, Lucia Marshall, James Rugh, Job Toll, James Sisson and George Souza been appointed to the charter review committee.

Councilman Randy White made the motion Feb. 21 to appoint the seven members to the charter-mandated board. Meagher, who serves as vice president of the town council, announced her candidacy five minutes before she was unanimously appointed.

Meagher had shown interest in serving on the committee. The resolution, however, which was unanimously passed, called for the vice president to be the ex-officio member.

“When I volunteered to be a member of the charter review committee, I did not expect to be an ex-officio member,” she said. “I’d like to be a voting member.”

The resolution was amended to remove Meagher as an ex-officio member. She was chosen over the seventh applicant, Bill Harsch.

Although the local charter says a review committee must be appointed “no longer than six years from the previous review,” a full review has not been conducted since 2015-16. There was a review in 2019 but those members only discussed the provision that governed the process of citizen-petitioned ordinances.

Town Solicitor Peter Ruggiero did not return a call or e-mail asking whether missing the six-year deadline has consequences.

According to the resolution, the committee will have nine months “to investigate, research, consult, deliberate and recommend amendments, additions or deletions” of the charter to the council. If the council votes to accept any of those measures, they will be placed on a referendum for voters to decide.