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The last time we talked to Georgia Wright about a

role she was playing in a Jamestown Community Theatre show she was the French mouse in “Down the Rabbit Hole.”

In the JCT’s “HONK!” she was a chicken.

Now in the theatre’s present production of “You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown,” Georgia must interpret and present the varied thoughts of the delightful Snoopy. She seems to enjoy the animal roles. Were there any others? “I was a spider in my firstgrade play, but I don’t remember the name of it,” said the 12-year-old seventh-grader at the Jamestown School.

To make things easier, Georgia loves animals. So much so that she is “picky” about eating some meat. She likes to know that the animals were treated right. She has two cats, Poppy and Domino, and for a while she had fish. “They were with us for a short period of time, a very short period of time,” she recalled. This is Georgia’s fourth play for the JCT. Her first was singing in the chorus of “Joseph and the Amazing Colored Dreamcoat.”

In the play, Snoopy has lines, but he’s only directing them to the audience and not the other actors on the stage. “He’s always wisecracking, and he’s not the smartest dog. He likes food a lot and is devoted to the gang. Snoopy likes everybody and everybody likes Snoopy,” Georgia said.

He not only talks, he also sings. And, he has two solos, “Snoopy,” and “Suppertime.”

Snoopy spends a lot of time onstage and Georgia said she must “always be ready” for her cues.

“I’m excited. Everybody is doing such a great job. There have been some heavy duty rehearsals, kind of professional stuff, but it’s turning out really good. It’s my biggest play. I’m having a really good time.”

She’s also impressed with the idea that the entire cast is in grades eight and under.

Georgia said she appreciates the great support from her friends and classmates, her mom, Jane, and her dad, Dan. Also from her 9-year-old sister Lili, who has appeared in earlier JCT productions but is taking a break from this play.

When she’s not working on her lines, Georgia enjoys reading and cooking. “When I grow up I want to be a chef,” she said. Asked if she cooks a lot at home, she replied, “Mom lets me cook as long as she’s in the house and close by.”

She sounds like someone Snoopy would love to know.

Curtain time tomorrow and Saturday is 7 p.m. and Sunday at 4 p.m. WOOF!


Cookies! The JCT is in need of volunteers to cook up batches of 2-inch cookies and 2-inch bars for the refreshment tables in the lobby. E-mail Kellie, teamtoland@cox. net. No nuts, please.


Before going to the play tomorrow night or Saturday stop by the Spooktacular at 30 Beach St. and enjoy the wonderful presentation of some 200 hand-carved pumpkins created by islanders.

There is no admission fee, but it’s a Boy Scout Troop 1 fundraiser and any donations will be appreciated. There will be a raffle and spooky treats to enjoy there or take home.

It’s going to happen rain or not from 5 to 9 p.m. tomorrow and Saturday.

Money raised goes to help pay for camping and equipment for the troop.

Visitors attending can vote for their favorite pumpkins in several categories, including Best in Show, Scariest, and Funniest.

Follow the signs to 30 Beach Ave. and be scared. WOOOOOooooooooo!


Kudos to the kindergarten farmers.

The great Melrose Avenue potato harvest took place last week when Miss Haskell’s kindergarten class, with the aid of its sixth-grade buddies, dug up this year’s crop of potatoes from the kindergarten garden.

With the help of a class dad all the spuds were washed and later delivered to Lucy’s Hearth by Ula McCarthy and her family.

Shouldn’t there be some sort of Grange recognition for these young farmers?


Enough is enough! Release the spinach!


Halloween can be a trying time for your pets without your guidance, according to Dr. Joshua Hatch of the Jamestown Animal Clinic in his Pet Tip of the Week.

“While getting your costumes ready for Halloween, please don’t forget to make sure your pets will have a safe and fun holiday as well. Chocolate, candy, and treats all over the house are too tempting for some dogs, so make sure they are out of snacking range to avoid an extra trip to the doctor this year. Also make sure your guests and kids don’t try to slip Fluffy any treats unless they are willing to pay the vet bills.

“Jack-o-lantern candles, or any candle for that matter, should be kept far enough out of waggingtail or curious-cat range to avoid any potential for burned fur or fire department phone calls. Finally, if you are taking your pets trick or treating make sure they have a highly visible, reflective costume so that motorists and neighbors who may be distracted by other trick-or-treaters can easily see and avoid your beloved Franken-dog or Obi-dog-kenobi on All Hallows Eve.” WOOOoooooo! WOOF!

*** R.I.P. Mo.


There was a good response to I’d love to get you…. John and Teddy Leyon wrote, “On a slow boat to China

All to myself alone

Get you and keep you in my arms ever more

Leave all your lovers waiting on a far away shore.”

They note it is sometimes sung as “I’d like to get you,” which is probably the correct lyric.

Marilyn Dutton called in with the right lyrics and Barbara-Ann Mac Intosh e-mailed the answer and noted, “And it’s great in 4- part harmony in the barbership style. Music Brings Us Together, Harmony Unites Us.” That, folks, is called a plug – Barbara-Ann is employed at Harmony Heritage.

Al Bates wrote, “Hadn’t thought of that one for quite a while.”

Bob Kinder e-mailed the right lyric and gave us another poser – and he’s tough. “During the WWII musicians’ strike, what backup vocal group was used by Dick Haymes in place of the musicians?”


We have rats.

This is something that normally we wouldn’t share with others. We remember the days when exterminators would show up in unmarked trucks so neighbors wouldn’t know you have a “problem.”

We saw two of the rodents last Saturday, one drinking water out of the bird bath and the other, rather large, gorging himself at the bird feeder. The bird seed was attracting them, although we’ve put seed out for many years without the presence of rats.

Sunday morning we headed down to the hardware store and when we walked through the door the first thing we saw were rows after rows of all sizes and prices of rat and mice poisons and traps. Well, we were not the only ones with a “problem.” So much for not making it public knowledge.

We bought some bait and placed it carefully around the deck, away from where our 10-year-old Vallhund Joshua might find it.

Then we started to hear the stories. A friend who lives on the north end said this past summer the tomatos in his back yard were eaten by rats. An island merchant related that rats are “all over” the downtown area.

So, what’s going on? Is there an epidemic of these filthy things on the island?

As long as it appears many have them, don’t be ashamed.

Call, write or e-mail us your favorite rat story.


Notice how quickly the state has reacted to the redlining by insurance companies. That’s a big chunk of change to be divied out.


Former islander Brie Berry, Jamestown School class of ’91, e-mailed that after a month and a half of tryouts she had been selected to row in one of the top lightweight boats at the Head of the Charles Regatta of Boston last Sunday.

Riverside is the name of her boat club. “We are three-time champions in this event and two of my teammates are former National Teamers, so we should be very fast.” Their main opponent is the Canadians who took the title last year.

Brie races in a boat sponsored by RYKA women’s apparel for which she models.

Stay tuned for results next week.


This country is in a sorry state if school children can no longer play tag for fear of a law suit.


Troop 1 Boy Scouts will be around this weekend handing out bags for its annual Scouting for Food drive. They’ll be back next weekend after you’ve generously filled the bags with unperishable food items. All collections stay on the island at the St. Mark Food Bank.

Scout Michael Brendlinger has once again taken on the responsibility of coordinating the bags and giving out neighborhood assignments.


Tomorrow is Navy Day. Give a sailor a hug.

Sunday we return to Standard Time. Set your clocks back one hour. Have a fun Halloween. Wednesday is All-Saints’ Day.

*** Be true!


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