2019-08-15 E-Edition


Wind wreaks havoc on Fools’ Rules Regatta

A.J. Laurent was in a class by himself last Saturday. The North Kingstown 11-year-old sailed the sole ship across the finish line at the 42nd annual Fools’ Rules Regatta. No foolin’. He was the only one — out of 44 entries. “I watched it last year and I got really excited about it so I entered a boat this year […]

Town taking temperature of parking

Survey of downtown businesses to help determine possible changes

A 10-question survey has been distributed to downtown businesses to determine the parking behavior of visitors in the commercial district. The study encompasses Conanicus Avenue from Knowles Court to High Street and Narragansett Avenue from North Road to Conanicus. The questions are nearly identical to a survey conducted by the planning commission in 2004. The commissioners at their July 26 […]

Annual talent show continues to draw participants of all ages to the stage

Although some types of acts have fallen out of favor, and others have come into fashion, there is one aspect of the local talent show that has not wavered in its three decades: the generational gap of the performers on stage. “We used to have a lot more piano players, magicians or jugglers, and things like that,” said Steamboat Street […]

Beavertail picked as site for sculpture

‘Whale’s Tail’ topic for council Monday

Following a year of debate on whether to erect a 10-foot-high statue of a whale’s tail at East Ferry, the ad hoc committee on public art has recommended Beavertail State Park as the site for Peter Diepenbrock’s sculpture. The town councilors will consider the recommendation Monday at their first meeting in six weeks. The committee, which was established in response […]


Portuguese man-of-war spotted near Hull Cove

Biologists are warning beachgoers to be vigilant after a Portuguese man-of-war was spotted last week at Hull Cove. Grinnell Street’s Ellen Bulger witnessed the marine predator in the wrack Wednesday afternoon at high tide. Although commonly confused for a jellyfish, the colonial organism is a siphononphore that delivers a venomous sting from tentacles to kill its prey. It gets its […]

Town should adopt petition revisions

At one of its September meetings, the town council is expected to take up the proposed charter revision recommendations regarding the petition process. A five-person committee was appointed in March and spent about four months and 10 meetings discussing the potential amendments. The goal was to clarify ambiguous language in the charter regarding the petition system for an ordinance change. […]

Phrase of the week

Not all it’s cracked up to be: The origin of this phrase is unclear, but the word “crack” derives from the Middle English word “crak,” meaning “bragging talk.” The earliest use of this phrase in writing is from 1835. Davy Crockett used it to describe a presidential candidate: “Martin Van Buren is not the man he is cracked up to […]

Lyric of the week

Does it feel that your life’s become a catastrophe? Oh, it has to be for you to grow, boy When you look through the years and see what you could have been Oh, what you might have been, If you’d had more time Roger Hodgson/Rick Davies Take The Long Way Home (1979)