2020-10-15 E-Edition



If an apple a day keeps the doctor away, then Windmist Farm right now is the perfect place to visit during the coronavirus pandemic. The Hard-Pressed Cider Company has parked its cider-making trailer in the farm’s driveway on Weeden Lane since 2014. The first year, the com­pany exclusively sold cider, but doughnuts flavored like that beverage were added to the […]

Voters to cast ballots on two referendums

$1.5M library renovation bond, petition changes to be decided

The polls opened yesterday in Jamestown with early in-person voting and the fate of two local questions on the ballot. The architects behind those ref­erendums, however, are worried voters might not remember the details of those questions because of the amount of time that has passed since they were debated. The first question asks vot­ers whether they should approve a […]

Fish about to have new owners

Village restaurant to be auctioned Monday

The former Jamestown Fish building is set to be sold next week, almost two years after serv­ing its last meal. The former restaurant at 14 Narragansett Ave. will be bid upon at a receivership hearing at 11 a.m. Monday in the Kent County Court­house in Warwick. Receiver Linda Rekas Sloan said she was appointed in July since the owners could […]

Send in questions for Oct. 18 virtual town council debate

The Jamestown Press will host a virtual debate for town council candidates at 7 p.m. Sunday. The debate will be conducted via videoconferencing. Login information will be available on the newspaper’s website starting Friday. All eight candidates, including incumbent Republican Bill Piva and incumbent Democrats Ran­dy White, Mary Meagher and Mike White and Nancy Beye, said they will participate. Demo­cratic […]

State begins preparing for coronavirus vaccine

Gov. Gina Raimondo has con­vened a subpanel of the Rhode Island Vaccine Advisory Com­mittee whose sole focus will be planning for the coronavirus in­oculation. “We need to make sure that we have the data and the science to inform people about the vac­cine,” said Dr. Nicole Alexan­der Scott, the state’s chief medi­cal practitioner. “We understand the skepticism and messaging out […]


Think diversity when you cast your ballot

To the editor: Jamestown is a diverse com­munity of individuals represent­ing all races, ages, sexual orien­tations, religious beliefs, political beliefs and socioeconomic status. Is voting for all five members of one political party a true de­mocracy and representative of a diverse community? A town council consisting of all members of one political par­ty actually is a form of authori­tarianism. Please […]

Shhhh, I’m trying to read this letter

To the editor: A simple solution to the noise “problem” would be to provide sound-deadening headphones for all of those who find garbage trucks, music, birds, cars, boats, school buses, lawnmowers, dogs, children playing, fog horns etc., just too much to bear. Then we won’t have to read about the noise ordinance any­more. We live in a wonderful commu­nity; we […]


In an article in the Oct. 8 edition of The Jamestown Press head­lined “East Ferry slavery medallion could be installed this winter,” Frank Rice inadvertently was identified as “a slave buried in Ce­dar Cemetery.” Rice was never a slave. We regret the error.